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Opera PrepThe Gluck Foundation's lead support for LA Opera's Opera Prep reaches over 2,400 secondary school students across the Los Angeles region. The program provides a lasting experience with the performing arts and a behind-the-scenes encounter with the many careers that bring opera productions to the stage. Centered on the unique opportunity to attend the final dress rehearsals of the six LA Opera main stage productions, Opera Prep engages students through live opera performance to learn more about the art form as well as the diversity of people, their education, and training that make up its whole.

In preparation, teachers attend a day-long workshop that helps them prepare their students for the performance and pre-performance session.  On the day of the dress rehearsal, students are given the rare opportunity to see presentations and have discussions with LA Opera artists, technical staff, and administrators. In so doing, Opera Prep reveals a vibrant creative industry made of many specialties, and gives students an understanding of the work required for professional, international, and artistic success.  Further, the experience invites students to consider their future career options as they begin to formulate post-graduation plans, and think of ways they might intersect with, benefit from, or be defined in relationship to the arts as adults.