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Artists in Classrooms

Artists in ClassroomsThe Artists in Classrooms program is designed to promote creativity, cross-disciplinary knowledge and critical thinking skills in accordance with state standards and familiarize students with professional art settings.

These components include: Artists in Classrooms Residencies, Art + Exploration Fieldtrips and the Culminating Events.

Artists-In-Classroom Residencies are 12-week school residency programs offering weekly instruction by professional artist-teachers in collaboration with schoolteachers in their classrooms. Classes incorporate a variety of media    including: drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture, often integrated with literacy topics and journaling. The artist-teachers offer skill-based lessons, which integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge, educational standards, and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Arts + Exploration Field Trips serve children with gallery visits, artist-led discussions and workshops. Professional artist-teachers lead students on tours of gallery exhibitions at Angels Gate Cultural Center, guide cross-disciplinary discussions of creativity, and teach a two hour-long workshop in drawing/painting and mixed media assemblage. The program allows students to discover the vocabulary and processes of contemporary art and apply them to the creation of their own works as well as give them the experience of visiting a professional gallery.

Culminating Events - Each Artists in Classrooms class series ends in a Culminating Event to celebrate every student's work on an equal footing. Culminating Events can involve parents, staff and peers in recognizing each child's accomplishments in the session series. These events also help develop a climate of involvement in the arts across school campuses. Culminating Events are scheduled in each school as well as in professional settings in San Pedro such as Findings, San Pedro Art Alliance and Angels Gate Cultural Center.

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