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Gluck Community Service Arts Fellowship Program

Gluck Community Service Arts Fellowship ProgramSince 2001, the Max H. Gluck Foundation has partnered with the Orange County School of the Arts to offer the Gluck Community Service Arts Fellowship Program, providing free arts programs and performances to more than 350,000 underserved community members over the past decade. This unique program sends talented and enthusiastic OCSA student arts groups into the surrounding community to bring the arts to those who have no access. These enriching experiences provide a wonderful community service, as well as growth and learning opportunities for OCSA students. The audience for this program includes youth, adults, seniors and families, many of whom are homeless, in low socio-economic circumstances, or affected by disabilities, illness or abuse. These programs are presented in nontraditional spaces, including youth centers, schools, family festivals, homeless shelters, libraries and parks, health centers and hospitals, and nursing and retirement facilities. During the 2011-2012 school year, the Gluck Community Service Arts Fellowship offered more than 145 free arts activities which served 80,000 individuals and 49 community partner organizations.

Activities offered include live performances by OCSA Classical Voice vocalists; dancers from the Commercial, Classical/Contemporary and International Dance conservatories; Montage, an interdepartmental group, which performs a variety of song and dance works; guitarists, jazz combos and pianists from the Instrumental Music Conservatory; and interactive productions from the Music and Theatre Conservatory. Music students also teach Music Appreciation Classes at OCEAA, our neighboring charter elementary school, Creative Writing students teach Young Writers Circle Classes at OCEAA and the Santa Ana Library, as well as helping with tutoring for reading comprehension. Production & Design students offers stage makeup workshops, visual arts students assist with junior art exhibitions and design coloring books and note cards, Film & TV students produce film screenings and workshops, and martial arts students present special demonstrations.
With the support of the Max H. Gluck Foundation, the Orange County School of the Arts is pleased to continue offering community programs that help remove boundaries, broaden horizons, unite and heal, and instill a passion and appreciation for the arts. The programs provide a link between the school’s students and their neighborhood, inspiring and encouraging them to realize the importance of community service and outreach in daily life. The Orange County High School of the Arts extends a special thank you to the Max H. Gluck Foundation for enriching the local community and the lives of OCSA students through this wonderful program.

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