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Gluck Fellows present more than 450 performances annually in some 50 health care facilities throughout New York City. more...

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Max H. Gluck Foundation

History and Mission/Values

The Max H. Gluck Foundation, a private family foundation was established in 1982 by Maxwell Gluck. The first major grant was presented to the University of Kentucky to establish the School of Equine Medicine and Research.

Following the death of her husband, Maxwell, Muriel Gluck became the sole member of the corporation. It was through her vision and dynamic leadership that the mission of the foundation was developed to focus on education and the arts.

In 1996, Muriel Gluck retired from an active role in the operation of the Foundation, handing over the leadership responsibilities to her nephew, Dr. Jon Kaswick, who is the sole member of the corporation and president of the board of directors. The initial board included members Richard Reinis and Betty Shelhamer, trusted friends.  In recent years Dr. Julie Kaswick and Jennifer Kaswick joined the board as active members.


The mission of the Max H. Gluck Foundation is to support programs that address the educational, health, cultural, and creative needs of the underserved.

Value Statement

We understand the value of advancing the state of others so that through their own diligence they may harness their natural capabilities to realize their full potential; whether through education, health and well being, cultural, or creative endeavors. In doing so, we express our compassion for those for whom necessary resources are limited or do not exist.

We appreciate the wisdom and candor our board will need to discern the optimal grants to promote the well being of the underserved in communities, and in doing so we remain loyal to the family tradition of philanthropy.